Learn up reflecting by chess play

By this play, the brains react to various situations in order to gain with captured information. Since it was reserved for adult persons,this game can benefit to kids and children to have a shrewd mind.

Chess gameThe recent research from the University of Texas at Dallas demonstrates that the chess play is able to enhance teaching methods, improve learning and increase people’s ability to use information more efficiently.

Indeed, by this play, the brains react to various situations in order to gain with captured information. Since it was reserved for adult persons,this game can benefit to kids and children to have a shrewd mind.

According to the Newtimes, they are many talented children in Rwanda,perhaps in other countries in Africa, who will be the stars. So is related:

The Rwanda Chess Federation (FERWADE) vice president Kevin Ganza, was particularly happy for the overall winner of the under-15-category, Kevin Marius Ikuzwe, 12, a senior one student at Petit Séminaire Saint-Vincent de Paul Ndera who, many believe, is destined to be a star.

Consequently, Ganza has vowed that the federation will make special effort to assist in Ikuzwe’s development.
“The only thing we shall do is to keep training him, let him play with older players. We would wish to let him participate in international youth tournaments but most of them happened in September and another one on 5th November,” Ganza noted.

Due to the remarkable intelligence of the youngsters, the federation is now working to see that next year; all national youth tournaments will be organized such that the winners can eventually have time to register and then participate in international tournaments.
Enter Happiness

Happiness Mutete(on background’s photo), a primary three pupil of Ecole Primaire Kinunga, in Gikondo, was not supposed to get an award since prizes were only planned for the top five but the latter’s passion and skill won her an unexpected brand-new chess set.

After garnering four hard-fought points in the kids’ six-round contest, she was, in the end, unanimously nominated as best young player. The winner, Ikuzwe, had scored five points. The petite eight-year-old trounced older opponents in a swift style that intrigued, as well as amazed spectators.

Ganza, who was an arbiter during the tournament, made several stops to watch her games and he was won over by her positional play, and attacking flair.
Ganza said: “I was thrilled by her good performance. Her speed in recognizing patterns, analyzing opponents’ moves and, most of all, her confidence.[….]

Kids chess playNoella Karenzi, 13, who finished 5th, comes from a family of chess players and her older sister, Nice Isimbi, emerged 8th in the under 18 grouping.

But it was not only Ganza who was spellbound by the little girl’s guile in a game which grandmasters often call the battle of ideas. Marie Faustine Shimwa, the reigning national female champion, was shocked to find kids as young as Mutete “playing chess at that level.”

Shimwa said: “I played a friendly game with her at the end of her first two rounds in the competition. I can’t really tell what motivates her but you see the joy in her as she plays. And that is really very good. She too will be a champion one day.”

The third year Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering student at the University of Rwanda College of Science and Technology was impressed by the young girl’s ability. But, Shimwa admits, what she observed signaled that she cannot afford to rest on her laurels.

“I was surprised but also very happy. It is good to see that they are eager to learn more. It is also good for Rwanda Chess. Leaving the venue that day, the only thing on my mind was the thinking that these kids are going to make a big change.”[…]


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