Everything is changing for nothing

Wherever you go,you will see things are changed.But it is not sure if is for the best.See around you.Many things call for despair because our everyday lives are not changing.What a pity!As many of us have learned, resignation and despair are not the only options.

We may have lost our innocence about the world––and about the traces of darkness in our own hearts––but we are still prisoners of hope. Our formative glimpses of a new heaven and a new earth may have come and gone, but their influence still lingers. However chastened or weary we may be, a sense of expectation remains.

What Jesus called the Kingdom of God is a future of human flourishing and divine blessing that still pulls on us with gravitational force. Its current absence doesn’t dim our faith. It only intensifies our longing.Just as a treasure hidden somewhere.It belongs to you to look for it…

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By P.B