The good players of illegal diamonds

Where diamond is plentiful,there are abundant conflicts.That is what called bloody diamond land.

It stretches from Democratic Republic of Kongo(DRC Kinshasa),Central African Republic to Cameroon and elsewhere on the globe.

Trade whithin frontier ?

This trade will continue to increase because of its large demand.Many can not live without, even though there are only fans.Neverthless,the great benefit is intended to rich countries at the poor’s expense.

As « global hubs for the international diamond trade »,everyone can asks this question:
why Central African blood diamonds are transported through Cameroon land in India, Belgium and the United Arab Emirates ?

The risponse is rapid:diamonds are small, have high value and it is difficult to tell where they originate.Their interest is without frontier.

Add to this the impulse toward corruption, laissez-faire governance and the ease with which the Kimberley Process can be circumvented – and the result is a constant stream of blood diamonds entering the international market.
See: A trail from the CAR to Cameroon

As good players,traders and dealers know how and when to gain in this desorder.Would Africa really change your trail?Yes,get with it!

By P.B

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