Is this the human right to water?

Access to water is not yet being a ‘right’.There are populations who simply do not have access to water.Others know the crisis situations of famine which have been declared in their country.

That is why a 2-day seminar focusing on the contribution of science, culture, politics and technology in improving water and sanitation management came to a close on Friday in the Vatican.

The workshop organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences was entitled “The human right to water: An interdisciplinary focus and contributions on the central role of public policies in water and sanitation management”.

Present at the seminar Cardinal Peter Turkson, President of the new Vatican office for Integral Human Development, said policies for a just and fair water management are urgently needed in the quest for greater social justice and solidarity.280px-cardinal_tukson_987

Turkson expressed his hope that proposals coming out of the Vatican seminar will reach the ears of world authorities who have to find ways to draw up good water management policies.
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It is general knowledge that without water human life is not possible.Now
“we have the technology to make water drinkable and to grow crops in tough conditions, for example through drip irrigation”.

Therefore,it is our responsibility to stop famine or other injustices through a legislation that guarantees access to clean water: “that would be the greatest thing we can do for our world”.It is also sign of solidarity.

By P.B

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