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From Tanzania to Rwanda: the wind of wings

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It is not less important to our country to learn from tanzanian experience.Anyway,it is clear that the will is to share this experience with other Africans.

In this way,Tanzania International Container Terminal(TICT)envisages extending wings to neibhouring Rwanda by opening the Kigali office on july,2016.

In our opinion,we think it will not be only container transport but also manufacturing vehicle and machinery for agricultural development.Indeed,it is a thousand pities that we import always machineries made in China or in South Africa instead of producing ours own made in Rwanda.

If Tanzania is ready to win respect by his helicopters made in Tanzania,why this wind wouldn’t blow on Rwanda in order to show what kind of engineers we have?

Many will say that it is all wind!Unless they see a real transformation in exchange of technologies,they would be in the right.

By P.B


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